Meet our team

Co-founder and CEO

Lawrence Chan

I am responsible for's growth, ensuring my teammates have the resources they need to excel at their jobs. I pledged to maintain a strong and integral culture when we established the company.

Specialization: C-level search, Tech, Startups

Co-founder and Head of Recruitment - Tech & Digital

Cicely Leung

Being one of the founding members of, I have witnessed the company grow at a very rapid pace. I aim to drive the company’s expansion beyond Hong Kong.

Specialization: C-level search, Tech, Startups

Co-founder and Head of Recruitment - Commercial & Operations

Zoie Lin

Transitioning from traditional headhunting corporations, I co-founded with a group of like-minded individuals. We are committed to shake things up in the recruitment process and make it a more enjoyable journey for everyone involved.

Specialization: C-level search, Sales, Marketing, Human Resource, Supply Chain, Operation and Business Support, Startups & Corporates

Co-founder and Head of Client Engagement & Partnerships

Charlotte Wong

My background in hospitality taught me the art of recognising people’s needs and fulfilling them to the best of my abilities. Being a naturally curious person, I am driven by my clients’ success stories and the satisfaction of taking part in fuelling their business growth. I'm motivated by the idea of making things happen as a team.

Specialization: Business Development, Partnerships, Tech, Startups

Talent Advisor - Tech & Digital

Jason Wong

I've been in IT for 20+ years, working for companies across Hong Kong, Australia & the Silicon Valley. I'm passionate about helping people find better jobs, whether for financial reasons, cultural fit, motivating projects, or better work-life balance. My goal is to highlight the value of hiring the right IT talent & its crucial role in a company's success.

Specialization: C-level search, Tech

Talent Advisor - Tech & digital

Justin Choi

My main responsibilities are to match candidates to the appropriate positions and help secure interviews from our clients. I'm motivated by the stories that my candidates tell me, the interesting insight from various industries, and the moment when we celebrate success with a big feast.

Specialization: Tech, Finance

Talent Advisor - Commercial & operations

Kristy Yeung

As a Talent Advisor at, I'm a 360 recruiter covering both clients and candidates in the end-to-end recruitment process. I am motivated by results and the sense of fulfilment that I get when I can provide career guidance to a candidate who is feeling lost. I am driven by adding value to my clients' businesses when I help them find the right talent.

Specialization: Sales, Marketing, Human Resource, Operations, Startups & Corporates

Talent Advisor - Commercial & operations

Kelvin Kan

As a Talent Advisor at, my role is a 360 recruiter, managing the end-to-end recruitment process. I'm driven to provide my clients and candidates with the best recruitment service available in the market. I'm proud to be able to provide market intelligence and always stay updated on industry trends so that I can provide the most reliable information to clients and candidates.  

Specialization: Sales, Marketing, Human Resource, Operations, Finance, Startups & Corporates

Growth Advisor

Jessica Yeung

As the Growth Lead, I'm typically working on multiple projects that span from growing our brand presence, developing GTM strategies, leading marketing, to running internal people development workshops. I’d sum it up as being responsible for facilitating the growth of to reach its company goals in a sustainable way.

Specialization: Growth, GTM Strategy, Business Operations