Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of clients do you work with?

Our coverage is broad and we cater towards Tech, Sales, Marketing, HR, Supply Chain, and Finance & Accounting roles. In terms of clients, we work with startup companies, corporations undergoing digital transformations, and those in the crypto sector.

Why should I apply for jobs through you instead of others?

We put people first.

We care about you, your values, your needs, and building a long standing, meaningful relationship with you. We do not want our recruiting methods to be transactional or based on matching keywords in CVs. We want to truly understand our candidates, and help them find the path that best works for them, so that our engagement can be long-lasting. Our close-knitted team will always be there for you in the long-run!

Our clear internal communication also make us stand out. If you are a candidate, our excellent internal communication ensures that all recruiters at are notified of your status during the process and you can expect to work directly with one of our recruiters with no confusion. If you are a client, rest assure that all our recruiters will discuss and pass information onto each other in order to help you find the best fit to your business.

How many jobs you can refer?

It varies, depending on your skillset and experience, as well as the demand in the market. However, we will not withhold any roles and will brief you on any and all positions we have available that may fit you.

What’s the process and the cost structure like?

For candidates looking for a job, the process is simple and free! Send us your CV and we can help you find what you are looking for. Throughout the process, we will look out for your needs while providing you with guidance and advice to help you make the best informed decision for yourself! If you are looking for talents, we will consult with you to really understand your needs and expectations for the role and make strategic recommendations on what type of candidates we think would be a good fit. After matching you to the right candidate, we will negotiate salaries in order to safeguard our candidate’s needs while serving you. Once the role has been filled, you will need to pay within an agreed period. However, if the candidate leaves before the guarantee period ends, then we will find you a replacement for the same position. We only charge for successful cases.

Please know that we work on a contingent basis, charging clients only for successful cases.

How do you decide which clients to take on board? How do you source them?

Our clients are typically people whom we have known for a long time (some even started off as candidates themselves!), so you can trust that we would be placing you into companies that match exactly what you are looking for. While many of them come to us from our expansive, but warm network, not all of them do. We are always open to help your business grow as you come onboard. We are keen to provide market insights to help refine your hiring needs and preferred profile before kickstarting the talent acquisition process.

What is the turnaround time like?

We work efficiently and persistently, but the timeline depends on multiple factors such as our clients’ needs, the availability of candidates and more. It may take only a few days, or up to a few months. However, we will always maintain constant communication with candidates and regularly keep our clients posted on our search process status. Remember, if you need to reach us, we’re only a text away!